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Top Ten Lists

Michael Laughrin, Noted practitioner of Jyotish and student of Metaphysics.

Michael Laughrin's Favorite Modern Books Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Students (In Order of Importance, 2004, www.jyotish.ws)
By Michael Laughrin, Michael@jyotish.ws

  1. New Techniques of Prediction by H.R. Seshadri Iyer. If you only buy one advanced book (not counting the classics), this is the one to buy. Mr. Iyer has a clear mathematical mind (he was trained as a mathematician) and he tells how to interpret varga (divisional) charts, genuine knowledge of each house, tithis, transits and the best method of predicting through the Hindu progressed chart (Varshaphal chart). MUST BUY.
  2. Muhurtha by B. V. Raman. I use this little volume more than any other astrology book other than the Ephemeris. It gives detailed information on matching charts for purposes of marriage, picking a good starting time for a variety of purposes and how to pick the right name for your baby based on the time of birth.
  3. Practical Horary Astrology by Gayatri Devi Vasudev (B. V. Raman’s daughter). This simple but very practical volume outlines the proper method of casting and interpreting Hindu Horary astrology (Prashna) charts.
  4. Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes by B. V. Raman is very useful for this all but forgotten aspect of traditional astrology.
  5. Medical Astrology: A Rational Approach by J.N. Bhasin clearly outlines how to determine probable health challenges in an individual’s chart and when they might occur. MUST BUY.
  6. Essentials of Medical Astrology by Dr. K.S. Charak. The author is a medical doctor and good astrologer whose dual expertise benefits the Jyotish reading public. (I must point out that gaining true expertise in predicting disease and cure is a great art that requires personal training from one is who is very learned and experienced in this ability.)
  7. The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth by Robert Svoboda is recommended for anyone who has felt Lord Shani’s bite. Knowledge is power. Reading this book will help one learn how to work with (and not against) Saturn’s energy.
  8. Hindu Astrology Lessons edited by Richard Houck has over 25 different authors, each giving a simple, useful Jyotish technique that can be applied by the serious student of Jyotisha.
  9. Planets and Children by K. N. Rao is the best book available concerning astrology and children. Specifically, Mr. Rao deals with many astrological considerations concerning childbirth: fertility, infertility, curses that prevent childbirth, etc. (Note: The potential mother’s chart and the potential father’s chart must be examined to get a clear indication of future children. Rao offers some remedial measures to help couples that want children. (Note: This book does not deal with the child’s chart after it is born; normal rules of Jyotish interpretation apply to the child’s chart after birth.)
  10. Core Yogas: Yokes to the Fruits of Karmas by Ernst Wilhelm.
  11. Astrology of Death by Richard Houck deals with this important area of astrology using techniques from both Eastern and Western astrology.

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