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Newsletter Number 82 • January 2012

Even though our physical bookstore is closed, we will continue to keep our website up and running. We will also continue our monthly newsletter.

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Len and Tony

Good, bad, or otherwise, the only constant we have in life is change. Born and raised in the Boston area, I went to college and law school in Manhattan. Between college and law school I spent a few years on the west coast of Florida, where I met Dena. I practiced law in Westchester County New York where our two sons were born, returned to Florida for a year, then out to the SF Bay Area for almost 20 years working in an investment bank, followed by a move to Fairfield, Iowa, and now we are living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Life has been good and I have enjoyed living in different places. For me “the glass was always half-full” as I found something special in each geography and among the people I met there. As TM practitioners we had been to Fairfield on a number of occasions before we moved there in September of 2001. Visiting Tony and the bookstore had always been, for me, a highlight of every trip. When Sharon and Tony informed us, in 2003, that competition from Amazon and other factors might compel them to close the store, Dena and I welcomed the opportunity to bring in some outside investors and be part of a reorganization and re-birth for 21st Century Books. We enjoyed a number of years working with Tony and Sharon and sharing the joy and fulfillment in our community as the bookstore provided a place for friends and customers to gather and enjoy the fruits of Tony’s unique insights and wisdom as he discovered books and music that could really make a difference in people’s lives.

Eventually the financial drain overcame our ability to keep the store open. Dena and I ended up in Scottsdale, while Tony is now happily settled in Jacksonville, Florida. We all agree that the years spent in Fairfield and the joy produced from our efforts in the bookstore were especially precious and we certainly have no regrets.

Since we closed the bookstore we have maintained our website and we have continued to write our monthly newsletters. Based on a number of considerations we have decided to close down the website. This will be done in the next month or so.
We plan to continue to write our monthly newsletters and reviews for the foreseeable future.

We invite as many of you as possible to visit our site www.21stbooks.com during the next few weeks and peruse it for your fun and hopefully some small degree of enlightenment. Take a look at “Top Ten Lists’” and consider reading some of the books a number of avid readers (including us) consider to be the best books we have ever read. (I “cheated” and including 12 books on my list. –I would not make any deletions, but I would add 2 books to my choices. They are: The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot—my review is on the site, and Enlightenment is not what you think, by Wayne Liquorman—also reviewed by me on the site.) I just re-read the Liquorman book. In fact it was the third time I have read it. It gets better every time. Given my current state of mind, philosophy, and worldview, I would now have to say it is the best book I have ever read in terms of explaining Advaita philosophy in an entertaining and enlightening manner. If you consider yourself a “seeker”, or one who is interested in life, psychology, philosophy, or “ultimate questions such as free will and/or the meaning of life and the nature of reality, this is a book you cannot afford to miss!

I would also suggest you peruse “Best Books You Never Heard of.” All the books are worth reading, but there are a few which are absolute must reads. All are reviewed on the site.

A Search in Secret India, by Paul Brunton is an absolute must read for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, this is such an incredible story and so well-written that no reader’s life is complete without having read this book.

Cave in the Snow is another “one of the kind” biographies that absolutely stands out in its uniqueness and compelling story.

Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman remains one of my all time favorites. I have read it over and over again. Everyone I have every recommended this to has enjoyed it and thanked me.

Check out Books You Can’t Live Without”. There is a treasure trove of titles there, in case you have not read them all. Again, all are reviewed on the website. The same can be said for those titles listed as: Books to Read Again and/or give to the Next Generation”.

So, dear readers, friends, customers, and anyone else, please take advantage of our website while it is still available and compile a list of fabulous books that can entertain, enliven, and enlighten you for many years to come.

I also want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2012.

Now I will turn over the podium to Tony….
Len Oppenheim

PS—It was in 1969 that I first got interested in astrology, metaphysics, the occult, and spirituality. For over 40 years I have been an avid reader of books on these and related subjects. I would say, that in all that time I have never read a book that better points me in the direction of “Understanding” than the aforementioned Enlightenment is not what you think it is., by Wayne Liquorman.

For readers of Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton one of the greatest books written by a spiritual seeker... you may also find this book of his of interest

Hermit in the Himalayas [Paperback] by Paul Brunton

“One of the great classics of spiritual literature brought back into print Paul Brunton was one of a very small number of his generation to travel so extensively throughout India and Tibet at a time when very few were doing so with such insight and discernment. His journalistic skills produced magnificent descriptions of the snowy peaks and high-desert landscapes of the Himalayan region but it was the lessons he learned from the holy men he met on his journey that transformed him into one of the great interpreters of the East. In this magnificent classic he explains that we all need ‘oases of calm in a world of storm’, no matter what era we are living in, and that to retreat from our everyday lives for a while is not weakness but strength. By taking the trouble to discover the deep silence within us we will find the benefits of being linked to an ‘infinite power, an infinite wisdom, an infinite goodness’. A Hermit In The Himalayas is a fascinating blend of travel narrative and profound spiritual experience. As we accompany the author on his journey through the vast Himalayas ranges towards Mount Kailas in Tibet, he also shows us an even more remarkable - and timeless - inner path which will help us cope with the ups and downs of our contemporary world. “

Former Fairfield resident and winner of CNN Hero of the Year award for 2011 Robin Lim has just written a book of poetry


Robin Lim (Author),

Ibu Robin Lim is committed as a poet, a midwife, a mother, and as a global leader to living her life for love.

“Robin Lim is a woman of staggering energy, passion, goodness and talent. Her poems take all four of those traits, and weave them into wonder.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

“Robin Lim’s poems are born from the same womb as her devotion to midwifery. A womb that treasures each life, even faced with its darkest questions. She enters the world of words and of birth with equal humility, purpose, and a profound care for humanity. Her poetic images are clear and trenchant and they aim for the soul. Her language rises from a notable forthrightness, and ripens with a crone’s articulation. We recognize: Yes, that is who we are. yes, that is what frightens us. Yes, that is what leads us toward love. With these poems, and with her devotion to life, Lim is wise—on our behalf.”
— Margo Berdeshevsky

“Robin Lim is one of my heros. Her dedication to mothers, babies and the health of the planet family, is matched only by her love of writing. In these pages you will feel the raw emotion, passion, humor, hope and tenacity that fuels this great woman warrior. I am certain that you too will discover that the world is a brighter place with her in it.”
— Michael Franti

All You Need Is Love: An Eyewitness Account of When Spirituality Spread from the East to the West [Paperback]

A wonderful history of the beginning of the TM moment in the US told by one of the original pioneers.,

Nancy, the author, initiated and was friends with many people in the Hollywood scene including Greta Garbo and David Lynch. She was on the course with the Beatles and was friends with Jerry Jarvis.

A few years ago Nancy came to Fairfield and did a book signing and lecture sponsored by our store. It was standing room only.

This is a fascinating autobiography.. The book is now out of print... but I noticed you can still get some used copies from Amazon. If you have yet to read this book... please order a copy before they are gone.

Our Most Excellent Hero’s Quest: A Journey Through the Ramayana & Star Wars with Side Trips Into The Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter.”

This highly interactive, multi-cultural, multi-media program is like “Joseph Campbell for kids”, drawing young audiences into the world of mythic heroes, their quests, and how they are all related.

This dynamic DVD would be a great gift for the children in your life, showing them how their own adventures are like the stories of the great heroes who have come before them. Includes great video clips from “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter”, connecting their themes to the Ramayana.

COST: $25.


I have a collection of books from Europe (Croatia) filled with old lectures of Maharishi.

The following are the booklets and their prices

Artist and Scientist
Another lecture given by Maharishi. This talk was given in Austria in 1970, about objectivity and subjectivity. Most people who read this find the knowledge very profound and useful in putting many aspects of life into perspective. (41 pages) $14.95

Beacon Light of the Himalayas
A compilation of the three lectures given by Maharishi in Kerala, India, in 1957 that give birth to the worldwide TM movement. (34 pages) $14.95

Guru Purnima: Maharishi, Guru Dev, and the Holy Tradition
Guru Purnima addresses by Maharishi throughout the years. Contains a beautiful picture of the Holy Tradtion. $39.95

Maharishi’s Lecture on Indian Philosophy
A glimpse of Indian philosophy in its true light.$14.95
Imported from Croatia

Ocean of Bliss: The Recent Sayings of Maharishi
A sequel to Power of Silence. $29.95

History of the Movement
An early lecture by Maharishi on the founding of the movement
Imported from Croatia $14.95

Maharishi on God, Devatas, Religion
Part of the series of books imported from Croatia, this one is transcriptions of old lectures $29.95

Power of Silence
Our Best seller

A priceless collection of short quotes gathered from Maharishi’s talks over many years and on many continents. If you have never seen this, or don’t own it, you are in for a tremendous treat. This is a kind of “A to Z” or Soup to Nuts compendium of wisdom about every important topic that could ever come to mind. There are 175 pages chock full of wisdom that you will want to read over and over again. Makes a fantastic gift for anyone, TM practitioner or not, who loves wisdom and truth.


Questions and Answers
Like the other books or pamphlets in this series, this is not an authorized book by Maharishi. It is, instead, a compilation of commentaries by Maharishi taken from several of his lectures. There is a foreword, which deals with the issues of the ultimate goal of meditation, meditation and health, and meditation and education. The topics covered by Questions and Answers are: Meditation, Mantra, Mind, Free Will, Master, Suffering, Healing, Psychoanalysis, and Hypnosis. $39.95

Ritam Bhara Pragya
This will answer everyone’s questions about how Pure Consciousness, the Field of All Possibilities, the Home of All the Laws of Nature, and the Source of Infinite Correlation can be summoned for the fulfillment of all desires. (34 pages) $14.95

The Vedas
This is a transcription of a tape recording of a lecture by Maharishi given on December 6, 1964. This lecture is about the “knowledge of life,” right from the beginning, including a discussion about how creation manifests from “the will of God.” A great classic. (37 pages) 14.95

World Peace and the Deep Meditation
An excellent introductory lecture, first published by SRM in 1962. (14 pages)
Imported from Croatia $14.95

We also have copies of

Our Spiritual Heritage: History of the Holy Tradition
Lynn D. Napper

A MUST BUY book in the opinion of this reviewer. It is especially highly recommended for all who have learned Transcendental Meditation. The author was trained as a teacher of T.M. and has the benefit of many years of meditation as well as intellectual training. The story of each of the Masters of the Shankaracharya Tradition is given, as well as appropriate Sanskrit quotations (with English translation). Also a rather thorough glossary of important terms is given, and a very complete bibliography. This is one of the most uplifting and inspiring volumes on the market today. $20.00
Review by Michael Laughrin.

If you are interested in the above titles please e mail me the list of books you would like to order and I will get back with ordering and payment info


For more info and reviews on the above titles you can go to our website


We will be shortly taking down our website.

I would suggest going to our home page and perusing our unique categories link of books.

You may want to print them out for future reference., as they are unique to our family of readers.

They are books that are a must for any spiritual seeker. I would strongly advise printing them out for reference before our website is transcended into the void.

Sadness releases

It brings a calmness

that happiness rejects

a rejection caused by mistaken fears

of what is needed

Pain befriends me

and I slow with a peace not of spiritual joy but of needed growth

I feared this before the welcome came

Sadness is the present

I happily accept its comfort.


There was a time before time

and after all this.


So I offer this sadness to that

For it accepts this part and rejects nothing not of itself

and I am a part of all

I know nothing but this:

that I am known.

I remember eternities promise

whispered long ago

That it’s return will be


A return I know with certainty

allowing an acceptance

of temporal imaginary ghosts

that haunt empty graves


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