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Newsletter Number 72 • February 2011

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Len and Tony

Earlier this week I received an email from a friend urging me to listen to a 34 minute presentation by Bruce Lipton. He included a link to a website about “The Tapping World Summit”. I am not sure at this time what the “Tapping Solution” is or how it uses certain techniques to help us to optimize our health, mental and physical, through the use of our mind. Perhaps one or more of you will get into this and let me know more about it. Here is the link, and I would urge you to spend the 34 minutes to listen to the Lipton presentation: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tapping-Solution/159251240765230

The presentation is all about changing the paradigm of the way we look at our body and our health. As most of us are aware, before the 20th Century physicists used the Newtonian paradigm. This described the world as made of little balls that interact with each other. Along came Einstein and then Quantum Physics and our conception of the universe changed very dramatically. Instead of viewing the world as concrete objects (Newtonian physics), the world is now seen as being based on “fields”.

As Lipton points out, Western or Allopathic Medicine deals with health and the human body as totally mechanistic. In other words it is all based on a Newtonian based view of mechanical interactions. That is why they use drugs and devices. This is very unfortunate as it deals only with the surface level of reality. (I don’t want to denigrate allopathic medicine because its discoveries and progress have been immense and contributed significant advances in human health and longevity.) However, I do believe that Lipton’s webcast expands and enhances our understanding of the connection between mind and matter.

In any event, please listen to this presentation and I think you will find it very fascinating and very enlightening.

Ordinarily I would almost never bother to listen to a 34 minute presentation from a website. However, in this case, the reason I was interested was that I had read Lipton’s fabulous book, The Biology of Belief: unleashing the power of consciousness, matter, and miracles.

In fact, not only had I read his book, I most highly recommended it in one of these newsletters and the review is available on our website. Go to www.21stbooks.com and in the upper left hand corner search by title or author.

Lipton is a PhD cell biologist by training. He performed pioneering studies at the University of Wisconsin and at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. He is a classically trained highly respected mainstream scientist. His work led him to make some startling discoveries. As a result he has been able to bridge science and consciousness.

So, take my advice. Listen to his lecture first and then read his book. I am pretty sure you will find both very enjoyable and rewarding. And if anyone gets more deeply into this “tapping” thing, please send me an email and let me know more about it.


Many Customers have asked for the Maharishi booklets published in Croatia
I will be making one final order. I plan to place the order on March 15th and the books should arrive 4-8 weeks after that.

The following are the booklets and their prices

Artist and Scientist — $14.95
Beacon Light Of the Himalayas — $14.95
Guru Purnima — $39.95
History of the Movement — $12.95
Maharishi on God , Devatas — $29.95
Maharishi’s Lectures — $14.95
Ocean of Bliss — $29.95
Power of Silence — $29.95
Questions and Answers — $39.95
Ritam Bhara Pragya — $14.95
The Vedas — $14.95
World Peace — $14.95

If you would like to place an order please email me the titles you wish and I will respond with amount due and payment procedures. Please note all orders are to be prepaid.

We also have copies of
Our Spiritual Heritage: History of the Holy Tradition
price is $20.00

Please e mail me books21st@gmail.com

Also I will be placing an order to England for the following titles

108 Discourses of Guru Dev — $45.00
The Biography of Guru Dev — $45.00
Guru Dev by Maharishi — $45.00

If you would like one of more of the above titles please email me books21st@gmail.com

For more information about the above titles please go to our website, www.21stbooks.com

The Haunted Universe: The True Knowledge of Enlightenment
by Steven Norquist is a simply powerful and scary book.

This is not for the faint of heart or for those who want to sleep walk through this life... as well as the next.

This book is for those willing to face their fears with a sharp focus and come away with a true picture of what the Awakening process is( death of all we perceive to be real) And what it is not (Joy, bliss , perfect health)

As the author states we live in a haunted universe with someone or something watching vigilantly over our every move—observing us at all times yet totally uninvolved with the seeing

Who is this haunter? Who is the watcher? It is silence. It is the indivisible and basic element of all creation. It is the creator itself. It is you and it is me — not as you and me but as the One and not the false shadow we perceive ourselves to be. For we are the haunters of the shadows — each one of us … and the realization of this destroys us.... destroys any plurality... leaving the silence alone... as it was in the beginning and will be for eternity.

Haunted Universe is one of many books that have been released in the last few years pointing to truth. Each author of the many books points to the same silence., each in his /her own style.

Some readers resonate with Robert Adams some with Jed McKenna, and some with Tony Parsons.

I feel all are contributing in their individual ways to help point to the truth.

No one can actually take you there as it is a journey of solitude... but in reading of the many varied authors who point in the same direction with their many varied fingers... we may feel less fear in the process and more at home in the journey to the greater silence.

I choose a painted pony, and ride the carousel.

I try for the golden ring on each spin around

On some spins of the wheel it alludes me

I then desire it even more

I feel unfinished without that shiny golden object.

If I miss it on the next spin an unhappiness and discontent grows

But on one lucky spin it is grabbed and I now possess it.

I walk away feeling temporarily happy.

I grasp the ring tightly out of fear of losing it.

My mind fears the potential loss.

My mind keeps spinning and anxiety becomes my home.

As I now fear the loss of the object I have wanted for so many turns of the wheel.

So we live our lives with desire and then fear of losing what we desired and obtained.

Accept that the ring may some lucky day be yours and that someday it may no longer be so.

Who are you without the ring and what have you lost?

You can choose anxiety and discontent or choose surrender and gratefulness for the gain and the loss both.

Peace always


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