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The Best Books You May Never Have Heard Of

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We live in an age of information overload. There are so many books being published every day that no one can keep track of them. The “big boys”, the big publishing houses and bookstore chains cater to the mass tastes. If a book is not perceived as having mass-market appeal it is not published or distributed through these channels. Independent book stores like ours go out of our way to discover, read, and recommend some truly wonderful and often remarkable books that never get exposed to most people. Hopefully you will take the time to browse through this category and find and read the many gems we have “mined” for you.

Although many of the books we present in this category have spiritual themes, owing to the tastes of our customers, we have been very eclectic in our choices, including fiction, non-fiction, sports, and scientific titles.

I will go out on a limb here and name five books in this category that I will absolutely guarantee as being outstanding. If you are interested in the subjects with which each one deals, you will love these books and recommend them to your friends and family.

If you have any interest in Tibet, Buddhism, and how a unique British born woman seeks higher states of consciousness as on the Tibetan Buddhist path, you will be “blown away” by the incredible tale told in A Cave in the Snow. The most provocative, insightful, and irreverent book I have ever read on “life after enlightenment” is Jed McKenna’s Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing. I am amazed that The Greatest Game Ever Played has not become much more popular than it has. Although this is about the early days of golf and the miraculous triumph of Francis Ouimet in the U.S. Open in 1913, it is a must read for anyone who wants to be uplifted and experience one of the great Horatio Alger stories of all time. I have recommended Barney’s Version to many friends over the years. All but one has thanked me profusely. This fictional account of Barney’s life, including his growing up in Montreal, young adult years in Paris, his relationships with his three wives and his children is one of the funniest books I have ever read. Yet it is full of pathos and insight and a wonderful view of a unique slice of life. Not only that, there is a murder mystery thrown in for good measure. Even though it did appear on the NY Times best seller list very few people have read or really know about Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman. Feynman is one of the most interesting and quirky geniuses of the 20th Century. This collection of autobiographical stories is funny, brilliant, and totally entertaining. I can’t imagine anyone who would not enjoy this book.

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