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21st Century’s All Time Best Sellers

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Because of our location, 21st Century Books has enjoyed a unique vantage point.

Fairfield, over the years, has become a magnet for a diverse and large group of sincere seekers. Each seeker is trying to drink and be fulfilled from the eternal fountain of knowledge.

Our bookstore has been the ears of and receptors to this vast filtered knowlege. Over the years we have accumulated many titles that have endured and maintained their lustre as time has gone by. These books are true best sellers, not just temporary fleeting fads. We consider these to be the repositories of eternal wisdom as opposed to the fleeing “discoveries” of trendy “New Age” commentators.

Because of our being located in Fairfield, one of the true meccas of the spirit, we believe we have a unique and special advantage in creating a best selling list that is relevant today and will still be relevant 50 or 100 or perhaps even 1000 years from now.

We hope that among these precious titles you will find one or more that will bring a feeling of comfort and home to you, and that will fulfill your own desire to drink from the eternal fountain of knowledge.

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