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When you enter a physical bookstore most often you will encounter merchandise which the store manager considers to be “hot”—that is usually new releases and current best sellers. If you are interested in what is popular in our store, which is often quite different from what you will find in Barnes and Noble or the New York Times best sellers list click on Recent Arrivals.

If you are open to suggestions from us and our carefully screened list of contributors we encourage you to begin browsing in Our Unique Categories.

If your tastes are eclectic we suggest you go to The Best Books in all Categories You May Never Have Heard of!. You may have heard of some of these books, but chances you will find a number of gems that will strike your fancy and provide many hours of rewarding reading. We believe the compilation of these fascinating under-promoted and not-so-well read titles may be the most important resource we are providing to our customers.

Having been in business for over 20 years in a community populated by many serious spiritual “seekers” from a number of different paths we feel that the list we have compiled of books we consider a must for every spiritual seeker’s library is a great place for the serious spiritual seeker to start browsing. If this is your preference start with Books You Cannot Live Without.

If you are interested in the stories of the many seekers who have been on the various paths, but who have not yet attained their goals, and you favor first person narratives, we have culled out a number of selections which we deem to be especially good. Try looking at Seeker’s Journals.

If you are more interested in those who have attained or claim to have attained self-realization please go to Enlightened Ones.

The presence of Maharishi University of Management has led to Fairfield becoming the U.S. center of the TM movement. We can say with all confidence that no other small Midwestern town with a population of about 10,000 has produced as many authors as Fairfield. To find out more about TM and/or the authors who have a Fairfield connection please try either TM or Fairfield Connection.

We are very proud of the outstanding list of books we have compiled that many of us read earlier during our lives and which have often proved equally or even more rewarding when re-visited with new eyes. We strongly urge you to browse through what we like to think of as new classics so that you may read them again or have the pleasure of passing on to the next generation. Hopefully you will enjoy these as much as we do, as you browse through Books to Read Again and/or Give to the Next Generation.

Books that we have highlighted as particularly outstanding or timely have been recommended in Tony’s Picks, Len’s Picks, and in our Newsletter. These sections will all be archived and available for you to browse.

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