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21st Century Bookstore, The World's Neighborhood Bookstore on the Web!

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I have come to realize that through loss we are given a gift. A rare opportunity to connect with latent emotional truths. A temporary respite from the programmed politeness of everyday life.

It has been quite a journey for me .. For all of us.

From the 8,000 course to the IA Course.

From the early laughter emanating from Maharishi’s blissful eyes To his final journey on the Ganges

I myself leave a public life for a more private existence.

Neither happier nor sadder for the change.

I was a child of the store, it taught me and I grew.

The many people I interacted with daily were my spiritual gurus..

Now the time has come to break free and experience my independence.

To release the cord.

To put what I have learned to some yet unforeseen purpose.

Who I thought I was turned out to be just a name

A shadow

Someone's whose likeness I will never meet again

The leaving of that belief can be at times disorienting.

I am learning to adjust to new realities.

To have been able to run an independent bookstore for 27 years in small town Iowa
speaks highly of the quality and priorities of the town's residents.

Thank you for giving me this gift.., a gift that cannot be fully repaid.

Thinking back I never chose to open a bookstore, it happened and gave my life many blessings.

I also never chose to close the store, it happened and I expect it will give my life many blessings.



21st Century Bookstore is now closed

We opened October 1982 and closed April 30th 2010

27 years of service to the Fairfield Community.

We still have access to hard to find titles

Rare Booklets of Maharishi from Croatioa

The Trilogy of Guru Dev by Paul Mason

The 2 biographies of Guru Dev

The History of Our Holy Tradition book

Photos of Maharishi etc.

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To contact us


Phone number

904 262 4579

Thank you for supporting our bookstore for almost 27 years

Tony and Len

A Time of Innocence

My Personal Memories of Viktoras Kulvinskas
Transcendental Meditation community

Published by Silent Word Press

This is my personal recollections of my cousin Viktoras Kulvinskas (father of the Raw Foods movement) and the TM Movement from the 1970’s, as well as living in Fairfield Iowa and owning and managing the 21st Century Bookstore for almost 30 years.

$20,00 (includes priority mail shipping)
You can pay via my paypal acct
Send Money link
my acct silentwordpress@gmail.com

or send a check

Silent Word
4263 Pilgrim Way
Jacksonville FL 32257
904 262 4579

Also available from Amazon
Click on link below for Amazon orders

Dear Tony,

Thank you for sending the draft of your book. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading it.

The book has tremendous depth. It is incredibly honest. Anyone who does TM and/or lives or has lived in Fairfield is bound to love it.

It is incredible story, told with integrity and revealing great wisdom. As an historical narrative it is fascinating.

With the utmost and sincere respect and appreciation for your book, I wish you great success and continued fulfillment and great peace!

Len Oppenheim